Religion, Sustainability and Edu.

Forfatter: Mary Philip, CHAD Rimmer and Tom S. Tomren.

Boktittel:  Religion, Sustainability and Education – pedagogy, perspectives, and praxis towards ecological sustainability

Layout og design: Lars Lilleby Macedo. 

Trykk: Livonia Print. 

Språk: Norsk.

Format: 170 x 240

Sider: 160.

Innbinding: Softcover.

Farger 4+1.

Boka er utgitt av Embla Akademisk høsten 2020. 

Om boka: «In this era of deadly pandemics, seemingly intractable poverty, mass migrations, and global environmental destruction, it’s easy to get depressed. How much, then, is this book of hopeful and engaged voices from many religious traditions to be welcomed! All the authors in this wide-ranging collection of essays that addresses care for the Earth are deeply grounded in their own traditions and places and vocations, which makes their prophetic witness and their interfaith vision all the more compelling. This book of fifteen
essays is a good resource for religious educators, pastoral practitioners, and faith-driven environmental activists who are committed to grassroots ecojustice and to ecological sustainability for the whole Earth.»
H. Paul Santmire

In February 2020, 130 professionals and students gathered at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen, Norway, for a conference on sustainability and climate in religion. Priests and lay leaders from Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, Islamic lawyers, Indigenous Sami communities, representatives of the Church of Norway, Buddhist practitioners, public-school educators, and theology professors participated in this dialogue arranged by Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Church of Norway, The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities in Norway, Lutheran World Federation and Al Mowafaqa Institute ecumenical de theology in Morocco. We shared our concerns, and professed our common commitment to care for the earth from our respective traditions and disciplines. We affirmed that theologians, scientific researchers, faith leaders, educators, legal experts and climate activists all have a role to play in equipping today’s generation to create pathways for sustainable living. The path requires interdisciplinary and interfaith cooperation. This book is one outcome of this shared commitment.

The book contains 15 articles from the following scholars: Sayed Hassan Akhlaq (USA), Sigurd Bergman (Sweden), Abate Gobena (UK/Ethiopia), Ben-Willie Kwaku Golo (Ghana), Sigridur Gudmarsdottir (Iceland), Hans Morten Haugen (Norway), Gunaketu Bjørn Kjønstad (Norway), Jean Koulagna (Maroc/Cameroun), Soheila Ebrahimi Louyeh (Iran/Netherlands), Marcel Ngirinshuti (Cameroun/ Rwanda), Seyed Masoud Noori (USA), Mary Philip, aka Joy (Canada/ india), Chad Rimmer (Switzerland/ USA), Einar Tjelle (Norway), Tom Sverre Tomren (Norway).

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